Breach Notification Letters sent to Incorrect Recipients Due to Mailing Error at Alive Hospice

A mailing error at Alive Hospice has resulted in breach notification letters informing patients of a May 2019 cybersecurity incident being sent to the incorrect recipients.

On July 3, 2019, Alive Hospice, based in Tennessee was sending breach notification letters to the individuals whose data may have been compromised when an employee’s email account had been accessed by an unauthorised individual.

However, due to the error, some of the letters were sent to the incorrect recipients. Alive Hospice has stated that the letters did not contain any patient information other than the name of the intended recipient. Anyone receiving the letter would know that the intended recipient was a patient of the Alive Hospice.

Alive Hospice send further breach notification letters by mail. They have also since implemented new policies and procedures to prevent a similar mailing errors in the future.

Alive Hospice have not revealed how many patients have been affected by the error.